Innovative partner marketing platform for marketplace sellers

Let creators sell your marketplace products and bring in external buyers

About Catuik
At Catuik, we connect marketplace sellers with affiliate partners (publishers, influencers, creators) to acquire an additional source of high-converting traffic.
For creators
For marketplace sellers
Keep track of your partners and let Catuik handle payouts to affiliates.
Increase your earnings by collaborating directly with brands on marketplaces.
Simplify your marketplace affiliate experience: effortlessly manage links, monitor your affiliate income, and track your progress through user-friendly reporting.
Boost your sales through popular influencers, affiliates, and creators that will promote your products and beat your competitors.
Marketplace seller?
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How it works?

Catuik recruits high-quality publishers, influencers, and creators
Publishers generate traffic flow to merchants on the marketplaces via affiliate links and boost their sales
Marketplaces provide Catuik with the data so that merchants can reward publishers
Merchants pay commission and we send it to publishers